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About of Concrete Seal Curing Floor

If the floor is armor, the penetrating floor is a shield to protect the armor. In a sense, the permeable floor and the epoxy floor wear-resistant floor are completely different. The difference is that they are different from the construction method. The epoxy floor and the wear-resistant floor are all constructed on the foundation. Most of the time to infiltrate the floor is to be processed again on the already constructed floor.

The permeable floor is also called the curing agent floor. The construction process is to add a layer of penetrant to the already-prepared floor or the damaged floor to extend the life of the floor.

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Concrete Seal Curing Agent Characteristics

On-site use, convenient construction, improve chemical resistance and wear resistance, reduce low-quality concrete dust, reduce new concrete water loss.

No yellowing, good permeability, colorless, odorless, in line with today's environmental protection, health and safety regulations.

It can strengthen the hardness of concrete by infiltration, help the concrete to effectively maintain, improve the strength and overall quality of concrete, reduce the wear rate and increase the service life.

Concrete Seal Curing Agent  Application

Concrete floor coverings with wear resistance, dust free, increased strength, impermeability, durability and easy cleaning can be used. For example, various types of industrial warehouses, various types of logistics centers, various types of workshops, parking lot floors, and old floor renovations.

  • The preparation of the slab,insert the dowel into the staple,and tightening the screw the slab is this ready to be positioned

    Step 1

  • After drawing the positioning of the elements according to the project on the facade, the stirrups and the fixing of the stirrups are carried out by mechanical or chemical dowels

    Step 2

  • We fixed the insulating material by nylon plugs because of 3/4 per m2

    Step 3

  • At this point the vertical uprights collapse and then align and level them.

    Step 4

  • After making the holes fit the rivets and hangs all together. The rivets must be inserted according to the project indications, that is to say that they create "fixed points" or "moving points".

    Step 5

  • Now it is possible to fix the horizontal profiles drilled at the appropriate levels (see “slab preparation” )

    Step 6

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