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Construction process of water-based polyurethane floor paint


Construction process of water-based polyurethane floor paint

Update Time:2020/2/3
Waterborne polyurethane flooring has environmental protection requirements in beverage factories, pharmaceutical factories, schools, libraries, and exhibition halls due to its excellent flexibility, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, scratch resistance, and chemical resistance. The place is widely used.


❖Water-based polyurethane floor
It is a new environmentally friendly flooring material with water as the dispersion medium. It has the advantages of epoxy flooring and overcomes its limitations. The addition of functional fillers makes it ideal for hardness, durability and abrasion resistance.
What is the construction process of such a popular waterborne polyurethane floor paint?


❖ First is the base surface treatment
Floor treatment: To completely remove floating dust, oil and other impurities on the surface, and then clean it with a vacuum cleaner, be sure to clean all dust on the surface of the substrate. Expansion joint repair: After all the dust and impurities in the expansion joint are cleaned, repair the gap until it is full. Various epoxy middle coating powders can also be used for potting treatment.


❖ Primer construction
 Mix the base coating material according to a certain ratio and stir well. Then add 5% water, stir evenly after adding, and then roll coating with a roller. It is required that the roll coating should be uniform and there is no leak coating. Application for corners and feet Brush brushing; natural curing after brushing, no entry is allowed during curing. After the curing is completed, the next process can be performed.


❖Medium coating construction
After mixing the middle coat evenly, apply it to the surface of the base coat. After drying, you can apply the top coat.


❖Top coating construction
Mix the top coat with various colors and mix well according to the proportion, apply it in the middle coat top coat, and repair and beautify the surface of the middle coat. So that the ground reaches the ideal state.


During the construction process, we must pay attention to the weather. Do not carry out the construction when it is going to rain quickly and wet after the rain. Do not apply when the temperature is too high or too low.