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Our Team


CEO and Founder

Ms. Sabella Wei

The company's advanced technology, equipment and raw materials have established long-term strategic partnerships with well-known research institutions. The company adheres to the enterprise tenet of “creating green products and improving living environment” for customers, and constantly develops and innovates in the development of the company, and independently develops five products with core technical indicators.

We advocate the mission of providing customers with durable, environmentally friendly and clean floor engineering solutions. We take the development of the industry as our mission, actively cooperate with the establishment of industry standards and the cultivation of talents, and promote the development of industry standards and standards by industry associations to continuously create high quality and cleanliness. Floor products,

Combine our top technology, rich resources, elite team and professional construction team to develop overall floor plan solutions for customers and provide high quality flooring products to foreign customers.

Export Manager


Responsible for the development and management of foreign markets, designate sales targets and plans for the corresponding regions, and complete sales tasks approved by the company.

Responsible for organizing participation in various large-scale exhibitions, and establishing good customer relationships with foreign customers by participating in domestic and international exhibitions and networks.

Organize the collection and analysis of market information, timely reflect market information, and provide new product development proposals

Main achievements: Exceeding the company's annual mission objectives, and the exhibitions also achieved good results. The European and American markets have completed the construction of a sales network from point to point, successfully entering emerging markets, and the market potential has increased greatly, which has led to technical cooperation between foreign companies and groups.

Production Manager


The company has always focused on the innovation and promotion of the hardening of the ground, combined with various flooring construction experience, developed a ground grinding machine with humanized design, and also achieved results in the development and production of laser leveling machine, the second generation of laser leveling The machine has officially entered the market. The products are trusted by our customers with "efficient and durable quality".

Customer satisfaction is the driving force for us to continue to advance. The company will continue to demand itself with its technical strength, product quality and after-sales service, and every employee. Serving customers with professional technology and dedication, and adhering to the business philosophy of “adding value to customers”, we provide customers with the best system floor products. The company designed and developed the floor machine obtained a number of patents.

Floor System Trainer

& Foreign Trade Sales


Responsible for organizing the floor industry training exchange meeting, sharing knowledge and experience related to the floor operation technology, so that more customers can understand the scope of application of various floor products from the training meeting, product construction process, product ratio, painting Ways and other processes.

From the research, production, construction and company management experience of floor products and wall paint products, learn to master epoxy color sand floor system, vinyl ester heavy anti-corrosion floor system, color seal solidified floor system, water-based Polyurethane mortar floor system, garage integrated system, epoxy star grindstone system, waterborne polyurethane system, floor machinery application and maintenance, plastic track and stadium system, interior wall exterior paint system, corporate marketing model.