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Explosion-proof Floor System

Explosion-proof Floor System

About of Explosion-proof Floor System

In the flammable and explosive places, Shanghai Naifu Floor Engineering Co., Ltd. takes measures to prevent the explosion from being built in the floor construction to provide a floor that can cut off the ignition source. The industrial workshop floor and warehouse floor are specially treated during the construction process, or a special explosion-proof floor material is added to make it have the function of anti-static and non-ignition, and will not cause burning due to static sparks, friction and collision sparks. Major safety accidents such as explosions are applicable to the production workshops and warehouses of flammable and explosive products with Class A explosion-proof requirements.

The metal explosion-proof floor material is highly wear-resistant and anti-static and does not ignite a new metal aggregate. Metallographic structure: the base is pearlite and ferrite, and the second phase is graphite and phosphorus eutectic combined with concrete to form a whole; the water-cement ratio is small, the compactness is high, and the resistance to water (oil and oil) is high; According to the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the surface wear performance is lower than that of artificial marble, silicon carbide and other commonly used wear-resistant materials. The wear resistance is 20 times that of ordinary cement mortar. It is highly wear-resistant, impact-resistant, anti-static, non-flame, and anti- Oily, anti-penetration; its anti-folding, anti-pressure, anti-shock, no shrinkage, no cracking, no cracking, good durability.

The surface resistance of the stable conductive antistatic test body can reach 105-106 ohms. The conductive antistatic metal powder has a long service life, heat conduction, and the hydration heat of the surface layer is small. Since the aggregate is treated, it not only acts as a filler but also promotes The cement stone crystallizes the colloid into a crystal or a crystal-like crystal with secondary strengthening ability. Meet the national standards for non-fire ground, belonging to the ground without fire. The aggregate is treated with double-high composite anti-rust treatment, which not only does not produce rust during construction, but also has permanent anti-corrosion ability in use.

Advantages And Characteristics of KAIDA Explosion-proof Floor

1.The floor has extremely high hardness and toughness;

2.Suitable granules and grading to meet the requirements from smooth to non-slip requirements;

3.At the same time, it has two functions of anti-static and non-ignition, and can be used in flammable and explosive production places and storage places;

4.Large surface density, good impermeability, anti-rust, salt and alkali resistance, weak acid resistance;

5.Explosion-proof renovation project for old concrete floors

6.Burning level is A1

7.Synchronous construction with concrete can greatly save the construction period

KAIDA Explosion-proof Floor Suitable For

1. Petrochemical (gasoline diesel liquefied gas station, refinery workshop, fine chemical workshop, coal hydrogen plant workshop, ethylbenzene-styrene plant)

2. Aviation (assembly inspection workshop, electroplating plant, maintenance warehouse, painting warehouse)

3. Aerospace (missile, satellite launching base, satellite testing center plant, missile test library, wind tunnel test plant)

4. Military industry (tank armored garage, projectile loading plant, propellant testing workshop)

5. Civil explosion industry (fire factory rooms, explosives, thunderbolts, detonating warehouses, corridor tunnels, etc.)

6. Medicine (extraction workshop, synthesis workshop, fermentation workshop, dangerous goods warehouse, etc.)

7. Electronic instruments, instrument production workshops, etc.

8. Special requirements for anti-static, non-flammable places (such as: sensitive gases such as hydrogen and oxygen, production workshops for sensitive explosives, warehouses, etc.)

9. Applicable to the old concrete ground explosion-proof renovation project