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Super Flat Floor System

Super Flat Floor System

Super Flat Floor Classification

The company can design complete engineering solutions for the super flat wear-resistant floor project, including: one type of super flat floor, two types of super flat floor, three types of super flat floor and high standard pure super flat floor.

According to different technical requirements, the floor is divided into the following categories:

Floor type shelf height F-data 3 meters by foot drop (*)

Flatness (FF) level (FL)

Super-level super flat floor ≥150≥100≤1.0mm

Super flat floor is larger than 13m≥100≥60≤1.6mm

Class 1 floor 8-13m≥50≥35≤3.0mm

Class 2 floor 6-8m≥35≥25≤5.0mm

Class 3 floor below 6m ≥25≥18≤6.0mm

Execution Criteria: BSTable 7.1 standard for UK British Concrete Society and ACI 117 standard for the United States. (Note: This data is for reference only and cannot be used as a measurement standard)

Super Flat Floor Application

Super Flat Floor is the highest level and highest standard floor construction technology in the world. It is a special construction technology originating from developed countries in Europe, America and Asia (Japan, Korea) to improve the flatness and wear resistance of the ground. Designed to extend the service life of the ground, especially in the logistics and storage ground, it can greatly meet the requirements of the level of the ground and the flatness of the multi-layer storage shelf, equipment installation and full load under the condition of 13m high. The shelf and equipment are easy to install, no need to adjust the balance repeatedly, meet the requirements of the flatness of the high fork normal operation, prolong the service life of the high fork, greatly reduce the maintenance rate of the equipment, improve the smoothness of the ground, and the verticality is obvious.

A typical example is the distribution logistics center floor used in VNA (Very-Narrow-Aisles ultra-narrow lane) forklift access and high-rise three-dimensional shelves. Since the maximum height of the VNA forklift can reach 18m and the maximum speed is 20km/h, in order to fully utilize the efficiency of the VNA system and ensure the safety of the transportation, the maintenance cost of the forklift is reduced, and the ground must have ultra-high precision flatness and Level (flatness is less than one thousandth), according to China GB50209-2002 "Building Ground Engineering Construction Quality Acceptance Specification", 80% ground drop should not be greater than 4mm/2m, 20% ground drop should be no more than 6mm/2m For the super flat floor, the ground drop of 90% is not more than 2mm/3m, and 10% of the ground is not more than 3mm/m. It can be seen that the flatness requirement far exceeds the national standard. The addition of steel fiber to the super-flat floor makes the ground super-heavy load performance better; the laser leveling machine is used to increase the flatness of the floor; the concrete is used to improve the strength of the concrete; the concrete is directly processed into the floor surface, and the whole ground is integrated. , can not afford shells, do not sand, can not sink, improve the life of the floor. Achieved the goal of a lifetime investment in the life of the floor, and relieved the worries of the company's production and operation activities.

Widely used in large shopping malls, shopping supermarkets, logistics and warehousing, cargo distribution centers, cargo terminals, parking garages, automobile manufacturing workshops, aircraft maintenance centers, exhibition halls, etc.

The company introduces foreign advanced floor design and construction technology, adopts advanced equipment imported from the United States, and has many successful super flat floor construction experiences, and strives to provide high quality flooring products and services to customers all over the country.

Functional Advantages

1. Durable use, semi-permanent use with buildings.

2. saving construction period, the floor structure and surface molding.

3. smooth and smooth, the verticality of the ground is sensitive.

4. the cleaning is simple, just clean the water to maintain a natural high gloss.

5.to meet the requirements of 13m high and above multi-layer storage shelves, equipment installation and ground level and flatness under full load.

6.making the shelf and equipment easy to install, no need to adjust the balance repeatedly.

7. to meet the requirements of the high fork normal operation on the flatness, extend the service life of the high fork, reduce equipment maintenance rate.

The Characteristics of Super Flat Floor Construction

The construction quality is higher: the design elevation of the top surface of the floor is automatically controlled by laser and computer, and adjusted in real time (adjusted 10 times per second) to ensure accurate leveling. The test proves that the leveling of the laser leveling is at least higher than that of the traditional construction method. 5 times, the concrete density is increased by more than 20%, and it is suitable for dry hard concrete, fiber concrete and large aggregate concrete.

The vertical and horizontal slopes are automatically controlled by the computer to ensure the precise control and implementation of the slope of the floor.

The construction speed is faster - the work efficiency is increased by 100-300%, and the labor is reduced by more than 30%. It is especially suitable for engineering projects with tight schedules, large paving area and high quality requirements.

The laser emitters are arranged independently. The floor construction can be paved in a large area and can ensure the consistency of the ground elevation. The elevation is not controlled by the template, and there is no cumulative error. Compared with the traditional method, the construction joint of the floor can be greatly reduced. The post-maintenance costs of the ground and the use of templates are also greatly reduced.

The laser leveling head is composed of four parts: scraper, cloth spiral, vibrator and flat beam. During the construction, multiple processes (scraping scraper scraping, roller rolling, spreading cement, rafting, artificial wiping) are integrated into Together, it is done by the machine at one time, improving work efficiency and saving labor.

The vibration frequency of the vibrator is 3000 times/min, which is suitable for dry hard crucibles, steel fiber crucibles, and large aggregates.

According to the performance of the equipment, the laser leveling machine can only achieve the ground precision of Ff40-50, Fl40-50. If it needs to reach higher standards, it must be equipped with polishing machine, spreading machine, soft cutting machine, fast straight edge machine, etc. Auxiliary equipment and skilled operation.