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Four tips to prevent discoloration of epoxy floor

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Four tips to prevent discoloration of epoxy floor

Feb 10,2020
Due to the improvement of people's aesthetics, the appearance requirements of various articles are also increasing. Epoxy flooring is no exception. People no longer just stay on the durability of epoxy flooring, and put forward higher requirements for its appearance. This appearance requirement not only refers to the appearance of epoxy flooring after construction, but also Including the use of epoxy flooring in the future, there will be no problems such as discoloration and discoloration.


Discoloration of epoxy flooring is a headache. When the color of epoxy flooring changes, it becomes very ugly. It seems that some stains are not cleaned, which seriously affects the appearance of epoxy flooring. Therefore, when such problems occur, they must be resolved in a timely manner. Today I will introduce a few tips for preventing discoloration of epoxy floor.


1.Select the appropriate coating formula according to your needs

The wrong choice of paint will lead to poor light and heat resistance of individual pigments, which will cause chemical reactions and discoloration of epoxy floors. One more thing that should be paid attention to is the choice of resin, because some poor-quality resins have poor weather resistance and easily turn yellow when exposed to light.


2. Metal pigments should be packed separately with epoxy floor paint

The reason these two coatings are kept separate is that the metal powder pigments will be corroded by the residual free acid in the epoxy floor paint and will turn black and green. In addition, epoxy floor paints with high acid value should not be packaged in iron buckets, because varnishes with higher acid values ​​are liable to chemically react with iron packaging buckets, which reduces the varnish transparency and darkens the color.


3.The coating of epoxy floor should be fully stirred before construction.

The density of several pigments in multi-color paints is different. During storage, the heavy pigments gradually sink, and the light pigments gradually float. If they are not fully stirred evenly during use, they will not match the original color after construction.


4. In the formulation of coatings, care should be taken not to use pigments that can react with the resin.

The epoxy floor paint must be tested during construction to determine the rationality of the formula. Two different types of paint cannot be mixed and mixed at will. Because some pigments undergo chemical changes, they lose their inherent tinting power and cause discoloration or discoloration.


The above are some tips for preventing discoloration of epoxy floor paint. I have got you all? If everyone can notice the above points during the construction of epoxy floor, then the probability of discoloration of epoxy floor will be greatly reduced.