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Scrubbing with a scrubber is also a technical activity

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Scrubbing with a scrubber is also a technical activity

May 23,2018
Epoxy flooring is now widely used in domestic fields, and it can be seen in factory workshops, public entertainment places, shopping malls, schools and other places.

Epoxy flooring not only has the characteristics of wear resistance, compression resistance, dust resistance, easy cleaning, etc., but also has strong decoration. The epoxy floor with so many advantages is naturally expensive, so it is necessary to do cleaning and maintenance work in the later stage. This can extend the life of the floor and reduce the chance of renovation.

In the production workshop, vehicles and personnel enter and exit frequently, and it is easy to bring outside sand, dust, oil, etc. to the workshop. Manual cleaning has low efficiency and long working hours, and if the manual cleaning is not clean, it will affect the working environment more, and may even cause a large area of ​​wear on the epoxy floor.
The cleaning ability of the scrubber is well known. In many places, cleaning staff can be seen pushing or driving the scrubber to clean the floor, which can effectively improve the working environment.

The floor scrubber is an automatic cleaning device that can simulate the entire cleaning process, and perform cleaning and suction of sewage. Therefore, the floor scrubber is very important for the maintenance of the epoxy floor.
The following matters need to be paid attention to when using the floor scrubber to clean the floor properly:

1. The epoxy floor is more delicate. Generally, the floor scrubber needs to use a thin soft brush disk or a pad when cleaning.

2. When there is only ordinary garbage and dust in parking lots, stores, workshops, etc., the scrubber can be cleaned with neutral detergent.

3. Sometimes the parking lot, workshop, etc. will bring some garbage such as gravel and even metal shavings due to the movement of people. Then you should use a scrubber to clean it before you can clean and blot it.
4. When there is oil stain on the epoxy floor, you can use strong oil to clean the floor washing machine, but pay attention to lighten the pressure of the brush to protect the floor when cleaning.

5. After the scrubber is cleaned, the squeegee and brush tray should be cleaned, the sewage and the remaining detergent should be drained, rinsed and air-dried. Put it away and charge it afterwards.
Use a good floor scrubber to clean the epoxy floor, the effect is very good, less water, safe and convenient. Not only can it reduce damage to the floor and extend its life, but it can also save time and labor for cleaning. However, if the washing machine is not used properly, it will cause damage to the floor, and it will pay more than it pays.