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KD-300 Concrete Floor Sealer Hardener Epoxy Garage Floor Sealer

KD-300 Concrete Floor Sealer Hardener Epoxy Garage Floor Sealer

KD-300 Concrete Floor Sealer Hardener Epoxy Garage Floor Sealer
KD-300 Concrete Floor Sealer Hardener Epoxy Garage Floor SealerKD-300 Concrete Floor Sealer Hardener Epoxy Garage Floor Sealer
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Update TimeJul 15,2024
Detail Information
Performance comparison of KAIDA and other flooring materials:
 Epoxy floorWear-resistant floorTerrazzoKAIDA seal curing agent
PerformanceDustproof effectDust freeReduce dust freeReduce dust freeDust free
Wear resistance2.
Moh's hardness2月3日6月7日48月10日
Anti-aging3-5years5-8years5-8yearsMore than 50 years
Warranty1year3years3yearsAt least 20 years
Construction featuresConstruction methodMultiple layers multiple timesThrowing machineWater millSpray or roll
DurationAfter the new floor is dried for 28 days, the construction is about 500M2 per day.Simultaneously with concrete pouring, about 1000M2 per dayLong construction period, 30 days per 3000m2After maintenance with concrete
About 2000M2 per day
Maintenance periodOne week14 days3 days3 hours after construction is completed
7 days can carry
safetySlightly toxic and irritating, construction requires fire protectionMore dust,Too many pollutants in construction, not environmentally friendlyComply with all VOC rules
Environmental protectionNot environmentally friendlyConstruction personnel need to do protectionNon-toxic, non-combustible, environmentally friendly
basic requirements Can only be used on new groundno requestBoth new and old floors are available
Otherwise easy to shellOld ground cannot be usedNo waterproof requirements
Operation and MaintenanceCleanOil stains and black scratches are not easy to cleanOily and easy to seepOily and easy to seepNot easy to seep and easy to clean
Difficult to cleanDifficult to clean
Maintenance andEasy to shell, easy to leave black scratches, more and more oldMaintenance troubleMore dust is usedHard to wear, not shell,
VulnerabilityEasy to leave black scratchesEasy to break at the spacerThe longer the use time, the brighter it is.
replace2-3 years (cheap material 1-2 years) repaint once3-5 years of heavy constructionReplaced in about 10 yearsSemi-permanent,
costSame cycle as building
Maintenance andNeed to be waxedNeed to be waxedNeed to be waxedNever need to wax,
Maintenance costs2 RMB / M2 each times2 RMB / M2 each times2 RMB / M2 each timesJust need to wash water or wash with soapy water

Ten features of product performance

1. Abrasion resistance: KAIDA concrete seal curing agent can solidify various components in concrete into a hard body, increasing hardness and compactness. After curing with CFS concrete seal curing agent, the wear resistance is increased by more than 6 times.

2. Hardening: After treatment with KAIDA concrete seal curing agent, Mohs hardness > 8, Mohs hardness increased by 33.3%.

3. Impermeability: KAIDA concrete seal curing agent can effectively penetrate into the concrete and chemically react with it to lock the pores inside, and have a permanent sealing effect on the concrete surface, which can effectively inhibit water, oil and other surface pollution. The object enters the concrete.

4. Environmental protection: KAIDA concrete sealing curing agent is a kind of concrete sealing, dustproof and wear-resistant hardening agent. It is colorless, odorless, non-toxic and non-combustible. It can make concrete concrete and dustproof; it can prevent moisture and oil from penetrating. Alkalinization, weathering, etc.

5. Dust-proof: KAIDA concrete seal curing agent chemically reacts with salt in concrete to form a dust-free and dense whole on the concrete surface, permanently preventing concrete dust from separating from surface voids.

6. Compressive pressure: The compressive strength of the treated sample was 27.3% higher than that of the untreated sample. The flexural strength is increased by more than 3 times.

7. Maintenance: KAIDA concrete seal curing agent can penetrate into the concrete surface to form an anti-seepage seal that can reduce surface water loss to ensure adequate and uniform maintenance.

8. Anti-weathering: UV and water spray have no adverse effect on the treated sample. It can effectively prevent the passage of chloride ions. Tests show that the treated ground will not be affected by exposure to electromagnetic or water mist.

9. Chemical resistance: After treatment with KAIDA concrete seal curing agent, the chemical resistance of concrete is greatly improved.

10. Gloss (but not slippery): The concrete floor treated with KAIDA concrete seal curing agent will have a marble-like luster. The longer the gloss, the better the gloss. But it does not slip. On the general concrete floor, the salt and alkali components will precipitate from the surface, causing slippage. However, the KAIDA floor is different. It forms a strong, dense whole on the concrete surface, and the salt and alkali components do not precipitate from the surface.

Concrete seal curing agent can improve:
Comprehensive performance of concrete, stone, plaster, mortar, concrete and other products
Concrete surface hardness of 33.3% and density, thereby reducing damage to the ground by heavy machinery
Bending strength, tinting strength and bond strength of other materials

Concrete seal curing agent can improve:
Comprehensive performance of concrete, stone, plaster, mortar, concrete and other products
Concrete surface hardness of 33.3% and density, thereby reducing damage to the ground by heavy machinery
Bending strength, tinting strength and bond strength of other materials

Concrete seal curing agent is resistant to:
Up to 98% water and water vapor pressure
Various chlorides, oil stains, gases, acids, solvents, bacteria, and UV rays on highways and at sea
Peeling, shrinking, spalling due to temperature difference

Concrete seal curing agent prevents:
Diffusion of various toxic gases
50% to 90% internal chloride
Reduces maintenance costs by contaminating rust and waterborne contaminants
Moss, moss and other organisms grow on the surface, eliminating the need for regular removal

Product Benefits
Prevent the penetration of moisture
Can penetrate up to 15mm
Prevent alkalizing and weathering
Prevent internal metal corrosion
Resistance to acid attack
Increase the R factor insulation factor
Enhanced weatherability
Prevent chloride attack
Prevent mold and fungus
Simple construction
Prevent paint from peeling off

Our Case:
1.Renovation of the old parking lot of Tianlun Group in Henan Province
2.Hebei Hengshui Wushu Printing Factory 12000 square meter
3.Xiamen Jinlong Bus Old Ground Reconstruction
4.Ninghe old ground proofing
5.Henan Xinxiang Yixin
6.Jinzhou Sun Plaza 40000 square meter
7.Shandong Weifang Wuwanping
8.Shougang Qingdao Steel Workshop
9.Chongqing Dongpu Floor Engineering Co., Ltd.
10.Shanxi Zhengding County Power Plant
11.Renovation of the underground garage of Yanlord Riverside Garden in Renheng District, Hebei Province
12.Renovation of the underground garage passage of Qingdao Qingte Real Estate
13.Lujiazui Basement Project
14.Liansu uses the floor after one year
15.Tianjin Junliangcheng Land Trading Hall
16.Chongqing Lifan Automobile

Why is it better to use two-part sealed Hardener?
1.If there is a small crack in the surface after 3-5 years, each material surface, and with the extension of time will become more and more obvious..

2. for the new ground, the relatively dense ground floor, can be preferred single group, simple and convenient construction, the ground beautiful. For the old cement ground loose ground, must choose the two sets of concrete seal curing agent, also may make the hard and beautiful ground.

The two-part concrete sealing agent (one group is alkaline, the other is acidic) can avoid the occurrence of cracks . Its service life can be really up to 20 years.

When is the sealing agent in general, what is it based on?
Based on the actual situation on the ground. It is polished before it is polished to 150 mesh or 300 eyes.
Before grinding, it is because the ground is loose and the hardness is raised.
General ground or better ground, before grinding to 300 mesh can be.

Is the curing agent required for the construction temperature?
The sealing agent construction principle is above 0 degrees, 50 degrees below construction is possible. The sealing agent can not be frozen, as if its frozen it cannot penetrate. High temperature will affect the curing time.

Construction technology of two-part sealing agent?
1. Clean the ground, with professional dust pushing or washing machine to clean the ground.

2. Base Surface treatment: first with 50-300 mesh grinding plate thoroughly polish the ground, to feel smooth, and use vacuum cleaners or other tools to thoroughly clean the ground dust, so that the ground pores can fully absorb materials.

3. Spraying materials: after spraying dry ground KD-300 base dense type sealing agent, use 0.15Kg/ square meters amount of the solution , need to adjust the amount according to the ground solution for up to 3 hours, standard penetration time, liquid water 1:1 diluted 1:6 solution with a soft brush and levelling the ground, in order to fully absorb the ground.

4. Fine ground: 12 hours after adding a small amount of water moist ground, and light grinding machine with 300 mesh grinding piece on the ground, remove surface dirt, while using water suction device to dry the ground mud, dry 12 hours on the ground.

5. Spraying B Material: After the ground is completely dry, spraying KD-301 hardening bright sealing agent, around 0.2kg/do not need to add water permeation time of 2 hours.

6. Fine Ground: add a small amount of water to moisten the ground and after 3 hours grind the ground with a 500-mill grinder with a light grinder to remove the surface dirt while using a water sucker to dry the ground mud until the ground is dry.

7. Polishing the ground: Rotate the counterweight iron of the grinder to the forward gear and polish the ground with a 1000-3000 mesh grinding plate.

8. To ensure ground drying, small area spraying KD-400 polishing agent, the dosage of conventional 0.05kg/. 3-6 minutes after the surface dry immediately with a heavy grinding machine with 6000 mesh sponge polishing, the ground to achieve a bright mirror effect. Select)

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