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How can the floor of the workshop choose the right sealing and curing floor material?


How can the floor of the workshop choose the right sealing and curing floor material?

Update Time:2019/11/20
General heavy industry workshops have high requirements on the wear resistance and hardness of the ground. At present, the most popular industrial workshop floor materials are non-sealed solidified flooring. There are many kinds of sealed and cured floor market, and the quality is uneven. The selection of good quality floor materials is the prerequisite for ensuring the ground effect of the workshop. KAIDA seal curing agent floor has excellent hardness and wear resistance as well as good dustproof ability, which has been recognized by the industry.

KAIDA specifically uses KAIDA concrete seal curing agent for the ground function of the workshop to cure it into a dense whole by chemical reaction with metasilicate in concrete. Concrete seal curing agent It is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic and non-combustible liquid, and can meet the national A-class fireproof standard! Since the capillary pores on the concrete surface are effectively blocked, the dustproof effect can be achieved. At the same time, the hardness and wear resistance of the floor of the workshop are also increasing. After the comparison and comparison, the treated ground Mohs hardness can reach 8 Above the level, it can easily deal with the impact and rolling of the mechanical equipment transportation on the workshop floor, prolonging its service life!

KAIDA seal curing floor is used in the ground of heavy machinery workshops, which not only improves the hardness and wear resistance of the ground, but also protects the equipment from dust, because the surface layer has been sealed and can penetrate into the interior 5-8mm . With long-term use, the floor of the workshop will have a charming luster, and the brighter the use, the easier it is to clean and maintain, without the need for waxing and refurbishment, saving a lot of cost, it can be said that strength and value.

If you are interested in KAIDA's concrete seal curing agent and floor machine, please contact kaida@kaidafloor.com. KAIDA floor sales team will provide you with timely and professional workshop ground solution!