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How to save cracks and sand on the floor of the workshop?


How to save cracks and sand on the floor of the workshop?

Update Time:2019/11/20
The use of sealed solidified flooring on the floor of the workshop has become a trend, but some companies are using the original concrete floor. After using for a period of time, due to the low hardness of the concrete floor, the wear resistance is poor, and the brittleness is large. The long-term impact will cause cracks and sanding on the floor of the workshop. If it is not solved in time, it will reduce the impermeability of the ground and affect its use. Lifetime, the most direct and effective way to solve these problems is to use KAIDA's dense tempered floor to renovate its old ground.

KAIDA's concrete compact tempering agent is a high-permeability floor which is developed for low concrete wear resistance, low strength and poor pressure resistance. It can penetrate 5-8mm inside the concrete and chemically react with the metasilicate in the cement to fill the pores in the concrete, prevent the generation and precipitation of dust, and finally achieve the effect of dense dust. After the renovation of the old ground, the Mohs hardness can reach 8 grades, and the wear resistance and pressure resistance are strong. It can withstand the rolling back and forth of the vehicle, and it is durable and not easy to crack.

The old ground refurbishment chooses KAIDA's dense tempered floor, which will have unexpected and amazing effects. The floor of the workshop has a charming marble luster, the refractive index is 30%, and it is easy to clean and maintain. It can be cleaned daily with water. No waxing is required, which can reduce the maintenance cost and reduce unnecessary expenses for the enterprise. At the same time, it can also be used as a corporate image. It can be used once and benefit for a lifetime!

If you are interested in KAIDA's concrete seal curing agent and floor machine, please contact kaida@kaidafloor.com. KAIDA floor sales team will provide you with timely and professional workshop ground solution!