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What should I do with the ash from the corundum floor?


What should I do with the ash from the corundum floor?

Update Time:2019/11/20
Emery floor has been widely used in machinery manufacturing, food, textile, logistics, public utilities and other industries. After a period of use, dust and sand will appear due to various reasons, even on the surface of emery flooring. Damaged potholes affect normal use. The following is a detailed explanation of the specific reasons for ash sanding on the emery floor.

First, the reason for the sanding of the corundum floor surface:

1. There is no good material used in the construction of the floor, which is why most of the building quality is not good.

2. When the floor is under construction, the materials are not enough. For example, the material used is too small, which makes the corundum floor not durable.

3, did not do a good job in maintenance, such as not giving the floor sufficient moisture and so on, eventually leading to the hardness of the corundum floor is not up to the requirements.

4. Do not pay attention to maintenance when using after completion.

Second, the solution for ashing and sanding in the surface of the Jinsha sand floor

The solution for ashing and sanding on the surface of the gold and steel sand floor is currently a cement-based protective hardener that can be effectively solved.

Through effective penetration, the chemical reaction with the chemical components in the concrete causes the components in the concrete to solidify into a solid body, thereby obtaining a dust-free and dense whole, which greatly improves the impermeability, wear resistance and anti-aging of the concrete. , hardness and other performance indicators.

Third, the effect of the treatment of ash and sand on the surface of the Jinsha sand floor

1. The whole ground is bright and clean, and the sensory effect is good.

2. The surface hardness is increased from Mo type hardness 6 to 8 or more;

3, can withstand the long-term rolling of vehicles.

4, the ground anti-seepage and weathering, effectively inhibit the erosion of external pollutants.

5, the ground is hard and wear-resistant, no tire marks will remain.

6, the ground life can reach more than 20 years

7. Prevent the ground from peeling off and scattering;