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The difference between retro floor paint and epoxy floor paint


The difference between retro floor paint and epoxy floor paint

Update Time:2019/11/20
The antique decoration style represents a kind of calm and heavy feeling. Although its introverted performance is not glamorous and modern, it expresses its rich connotation more appropriately. "Renovation retro has long been a trend, and won the owners. And epoxy floor paint is a high-strength, wear-resistant, beautiful imported resin coating, what is the difference between them?

The difference between retro floor paint and epoxy floor paint is mainly manifested in four aspects: the difference of the use of the site, the difference in service life, the difference between the construction requirements and the basic nature of the material.

1. The difference between using the venue

Epoxy floor paint has a strong industrial atmosphere. It is a kind of floor coating specially produced for industrial sites. It is mainly used in industrial plants and some storage and underground parking lots. It has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and easy cleaning.

Retro floor paint is a popular ground coating material introduced in China in recent years. It not only has the function of epoxy floor paint, but the most important thing is that its coating can clearly reflect the texture state of the foundation ground, and the effect of coating is even higher. It is currently the preferred floor covering material for some high-end cafes, western restaurants, bars, clubs, high-end exhibition halls and some European and American clothing stores.

2. The difference in service life

Because epoxy floors are mostly used in industrial locations, because factories have more heavy-duty vehicles or revolving vehicles, or production workers are more intensive.

Most of the vintage floor paints are in some service places, limited to the friction caused by some pedestrians walking. On the basis of the same material and the same effect, the use of retro floor paint is much higher than that of epoxy floor paint. This is also the main reason why some merchants choose retro ground.

3. The difference between construction and basic ground requirements

In terms of the requirements for the basic ground, both require a better strength and flatness of the foundation ground. The only difference is that the epoxy floor can be applied on a variety of grounds because the resin has good adhesion and adhesion. As long as the foundation is flat and the floor strength is OK, the epoxy floor paint can make better. effect. Retro floor paint can only be carried out on the concrete foundation floor. Only in this way can it make the texture of cement and metal.

4. The difference in the nature of the material

Anyone who has done epoxy floor paint knows that epoxy floor paint has good hiding power, and the ground effect can be seen to see the fullness of the coating. The opposite of retro floor paint is not to have any hiding power, but it also makes people feel that the ground has a transparent and ethereal feeling, and the texture of the ground foundation should be displayed.

Therefore, in the choice of epoxy floor or retro floor as much as possible according to the location, functional requirements, ground bearing requirements and other parameters to purchase. Therefore, choosing a good material is a magic weapon for our tooling or home improvement.