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What are the advantages of super flat floor?


What are the advantages of super flat floor?

Update Time:2019/12/3
Super flat floor is currently the world's highest specification and highest standard floor construction technology. It is designed to improve the flatness, wear resistance and extend the service life of the ground. Ultra-flat floors have flatness and levelness exceeding precision, which require far higher than conventional floors. The roadway drop of ultra-flat floors is measured by special systems and special instruments. image.png
The construction technology of super-flat floor is mainly a kind of floor which is used for paving and leveling newly-cast concrete with high-precision laser leveler and combining with certain floor construction technology. At the same time, it also has a set of related construction standards, and the quality of the floor meets the internationally recognized and passed flatness and level standards.

What are the advantages of such a widely used ultra-flat floor:

1. The floor surface is extremely flat, which can make the forklift move smoothly, fast and operate efficiently.
2. The ultra-flat floor ensures the normal use of the forklift and reduces the maintenance rate and cost of the forklift.
3. Ultra-flat floor makes installation of shelves and equipment easy, without having to adjust the balance repeatedly.
4. Super flat floor can make the floor wear evenly, with good wear resistance and long service life.
5. Super flat floor is easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to clean.
6. The surface of the ultra-flat floor is smooth and smooth, and the verticality of the ground is obviously sensitive.
7. It can save construction time, and the floor structure and surface can be formed at one time.

Super flat floor is widely used in large shopping malls, shopping supermarkets, logistics storage, aircraft maintenance centers, exhibition halls and other places. In particular, the super-flat floor has played a great advantage in the logistics warehouse floor. The super-flat floor guarantees the normal use of high-level forklifts, is stable and not offset, reduces the maintenance rate of forklifts, and greatly improves work efficiency....