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Save time and worry about daily maintenance of laser leveler

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Save time and worry about daily maintenance of laser leveler

Sep 19,2017
The laser leveler has a high working intensity. How to maintain it after construction to maintain its high efficiency? The following points should be paid attention to!

1. When using a concrete laser leveler, be careful not to overload it at low temperatures, and ensure that it is used at a specified temperature. Excessive or low temperature will cause oxidation and corrosion of some parts of the laser leveler. The entire machine will have serious construction effects.

2. The construction site where the laser leveler is used is generally dusty. After construction, you need to pay attention to inspection and cleaning, and check the oil and air filter.

3. Turn off the equipment before cleaning and maintaining the equipment. During the cleaning process of the equipment, try to avoid water coming into contact with the wiring and the control cabinet, especially if the control cabinet accidentally enters the water, make sure that the equipment is completely dry and then turned on again.

4. After using the equipment, please put the laser transmitter and laser receiver in a special box and place them in a dry and normal temperature environment.

5. The LCD surface of the laser leveler also needs to be cleaned. You can use organic resin or lens cleaning cloth to wipe the dirt. If there is too much dirt, it can be removed with lens cleaning solution.

6. If not used for a long time, please place the device in a dry and normal temperature environment. Prolonged exposure to humidity and high temperature will cause damage to the equipment, its electrical wiring and control hardware. If it is used again after long-term storage, please check the equipment thoroughly before turning it on.

As long as the laser leveler is operated according to the normal use steps, the best results can be achieved. If the laser leveler is properly maintained, its service life will be longer.