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Warehouse seal curing agent floor

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Warehouse seal curing agent floor

Sep 13,2017
Modern warehouses attach great importance to the reasonable arrangement of aisles, the distribution of goods and the maximum height of stacking from transportation turnover, storage methods and building facilities, and are equipped with cost-effective mechanized and automated storage facilities to improve storage capacity and work efficiency. In this way, the pressure on the warehouse floor will become very large, so it is very important to choose the warehouse floor for paving. It needs to have the following characteristics.

Super wear resistance

The entry and exit of large equipment and transportation vehicles put a lot of pressure on the floor of the warehouse. The floor chosen must have superior abrasion resistance.

The seal curing agent makes the concrete become a solid whole, thereby increasing the density, strength and hardness of the concrete, and greatly improving the abrasion resistance and weather resistance of the concrete.

Strong seal impermeability

It only needs to be treated with sealing curing agent once, and the floor surface will become very dense, which can resist any pollution by oil or other dirt, and improve and extend the service life of the warehouse floor.

Strong corrosion resistance

The warehouse is used for the storage of items. Some items, especially chemicals, are highly corrosive and will seriously shorten the life of the ground.

The seal curing agent has characteristics to make the concrete surface dense and smooth after use, which can effectively inhibit and resist the entry of chemicals into the concrete, and prevent chemicals from eroding the concrete performance.

Smooth and smooth surface

The floor treated with the seal curing agent will have a charming bright color and be non-slip. And with the use of the warehouse over time, the continuous friction and polishing caused by manual use, the more bright the more the use.

Environmental protection and easy maintenance

Sealing and curing agent floor is a green product, which conforms to the concept of environmental protection, health and safety, and construction and subsequent maintenance are very simple. One-time construction and permanent protection are floor materials that do not require repeated maintenance after use.

Used in large warehouses, it can save a lot of economic costs to a certain extent.