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One thing that floor builders must understand and follow

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One thing that floor builders must understand and follow

Feb 2,2020
There is a very important thing in the floor construction. It is the most important thing in the entire construction process. It is not the underlying treatment, nor the use of materials, but a safety issue during construction.

Floor construction safety measures should start from the ground construction team entering the field. Before floor construction, during construction, and after construction, safety measures must be taken at each step. Let's take a look at how to do it.


Safe power consumption measures
1. There must be someone responsible for the power connection and supervision.
2. The connection method without plug is strictly prohibited.
3. Equipment with grounding requirements must be well grounded.
4. Equipment lines are not allowed to be used without treatment.
5. Do not touch field equipment and facilities.


Fire and explosion protection measures
1. Floor materials, adhesives and other flammable materials should be sealed and stored in a warehouse away from sources of ignition.
2. Fireworks are strictly prohibited on the construction site, and construction workers should not smoke on site.
3. If the ground must be dried, it should be done before the floor coating material enters the site.
4. The on-site sander must be used under the condition that the ground is dry and the environment is ventilated.


Falling Object Hazard Prevention Measures
1. Avoid cross construction.
2. Construction personnel must wear safety helmets when entering the construction site.
3. When transporting materials vertically, no one is allowed to stand below and around.


Preventing hazards from volatile materials
1. Work clothes, masks, and goggles should be worn on site to prevent materials from splashing into the skin and eyes.
2. It is strictly forbidden to eat or stay in the warehouse and construction site where toxic chemicals are stored.
3. Wear a mask when handling hardened flooring materials to prevent dust hazards.
4. For large-area construction, work should be carried out in turns, and the personnel under the turn should take a rest in the air circulation place.


Other security measures
1. Clean up the sundries on the ground to ensure that the passage is unobstructed and prevent injury from being stirred down.
2. Clean the ground water or set a straw mat to prevent injury from slipping.
3. During the winter construction, the ambient temperature on the construction site should be guaranteed to prevent safety accidents caused by excessive wear and inflexible operation.
4. In summer construction, attention should be paid to preventing heatstroke, and special attention should be paid to preventing invasion of volatile gases in painting projects. The rotation time should be reduced.
5. Nighttime construction should ensure sufficient brightness.
6. It is strictly forbidden to carry out construction under the influence of alcohol or disease.
7. It is strictly forbidden to work overtime for the construction period, which will cause personnel fatigue construction


The above are the safety measures that need to be paid attention to during the construction of the floor. The floor construction staff must strictly observe it to ensure the safety of the construction.