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Get these three, the wear-resistant floor is super god

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Get these three, the wear-resistant floor is super god

Feb 3,2020
The emergence of abrasion-resistant floors provides an economical and affordable floor product for many areas that require abrasion resistance. Compared with ordinary epoxy floors, its floor hardness, abrasion resistance, and impact resistance are more Powerful, and the service life is longer than epoxy floor products.


I don't know if you have such a feeling. During the use of wear-resistant flooring, sometimes there are some small problems on the ground. For example, the wear resistance and strength of the ground are not too big. It really reminded us.


If there is a problem, we need to solve it. In fact, the cause of this problem is easy for everyone to guess. More than 90% of it is caused by the floor material or the construction is not in place.

So today we will analyze the reasons for the wear-resistant floor without wear resistance and strength. Understanding the causes of errors will allow us to better solve problems and avoid these problems more effectively. appear.


Material problem

In order to earn more benefits, some manufacturers cut corners and cut materials during the production of wear-resistant materials, selling the poor quality products to deceive consumers. When these poor-quality abrasion-resistant materials are used on the abrasion-resistant floor, problems such as dusting, sanding, fading, and lack of strength on the ground are caused.


Construction problem

During the construction of the wear-resistant floor, the construction staff did not perform the construction work in accordance with the requirements. In order to shorten the construction period, due to the missing construction procedures, the construction supervision staff did not play a supervisory role. After the construction is completed, it is easy to cause the ground to have no strength, wear resistance and durability.


Conservation issues

The last point is that after the construction is over, the construction staff perfunctory and fail to maintain in time or say that the maintenance is not in place, causing a quality problem of the wear-resistant floor.


From the summary of the above problems, the problems caused by the wear-resistant floor are nothing more than the three aspects of materials, construction and maintenance. If these three points are done well, the wear-resistant floor will be very nice, and there will be no so-called There is a quality problem.