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Those nano silicon floors you don't know!

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Those nano silicon floors you don't know!

Feb 4,2020
Seventy-eight percent of nano-silicon is based on water-based polyurethane, with nano-scale inorganic silicon mineral materials added. Nano-inorganic silicon mineral materials are crystalline silicon particles with a diameter of less than 5 nanometers. Small diameter, uniform distribution, non-toxic, odorless, fireproof, good activity and so on.


Eight characteristics of nano silicon

1. Green and environmental protection: It uses water instead of organic solvents as the dispersing medium. No organic solvents are required during processing, so it has no pollution to the environment and no harm to the health of operators.

2. Moisture resistance: It uses water as a solvent, and its moisture permeability is far better than similar products. The permeability of water-based materials is strong. The combination of nano-materials and water has super-permeability. Force and sealing performance.

3. Class A1 fire protection: Water is used as a dispersion medium, and nano-scale inorganic silicon mineral materials are added. The ground after molding can reach the class A1 fire protection standard.

4. Fire resistance: Nano inorganic silicon materials are crystalline silicon particles with a diameter of less than 5 nanometers, which can prevent acid, alkali, mold, oil, and easy cleaning.


5. Compressive and wear-resistant, strong ductility: Based on C30, concrete can effectively carry heavy vehicles of more than 20 tons. Brush it on any soft material, bend 360 degrees without any damage to the coating surface.

6. Strong adhesion: nanometer silicon powder has the characteristics of high purity, small particle size, uniform distribution, and good activity. It can be perfectly combined with a variety of materials such as cement, wood, metal, and gum flooring. Shedding, super wear-resistant.

7. Construction cycle: Water is used as dispersant, which makes the material system viscosity independent of the molecular weight of the resin, and has a lower viscosity than solvent-based materials with the same solid content. It is easy to perfect the combination of multiple materials. mill.

8. Service life: On the basis of C30, concrete can be used in garages and workshops for more than 10-15 years, which is 3-5 times the service life of other floor materials.