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Follow these six steps to the artistic retro floor

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Follow these six steps to the artistic retro floor

Feb 6,2020
The art of retro has long been a fashion, and has become a unique landscape in many industries.


Now, in the world of flooring, artistic retro flooring has attracted everyone's attention because of its unique charm, and has been widely used in gardens, squares, hotels, garden paths, office buildings and other places.

The construction of an artistic retro floor, which is so popular with so many people, only takes six steps.

Ground foundation

The strength of the ground foundation is very important for the floor. A good ground foundation plays a decisive role in the service life of the floor. Therefore, the first step is to test the strength of the ground foundation. If the ground strength does not meet the standard, you can first use concrete silicon hardener to increase the hardness.


Ground strength

After the ground strength reaches the standard, the ground must be cleaned to keep the ground clean and dry.


Spray colorant

The ground is artificially sprayed with one or more colorants to produce an unpredictable antique effect. This step looks simple, but determines the final effect of the retro art pattern.


Check the color effect

After 12 hours of natural health, after the color is fully reacted, the effect of the color and pattern should be checked. Depending on the specific situation, it is necessary to spray the colorant. The floating color on the surface should be washed with a slightly damp cloth.


Protective coating

Scratching protective agent is used as cover protection. The thinner the protective agent is, the better. This step is mainly to improve the texture and brightness of the ground, deepen the color and wear resistance of the ground, which will make the ground easier to clean and emit a charming luster.


Final check

After 24 hours of natural health, check whether the gloss of the ground is satisfactory. If necessary, you can scrape the protective agent again to further increase the surface gloss. The thinner the protective agent is, the better.