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Do you not understand floor supplies?

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Do you not understand floor supplies?

Feb 7,2020
Do you not understand floor supplies? Today I will talk to you.

Floor construction consumables and auxiliary materials mainly include: quartz sand, quartz powder 1mm, 2mm, 3mm toothed trowel, toothless pusher, scraper, abrasive belt, roller brush, roller, textured paper, abrasive disc, diamond abrasive disc , Diamond grinding blocks, etc.

Quartz sand, quartz powder
It is a thermal coating process, that is, pre-heating raw sand to a certain temperature, adding resin to melt it, coating the resin on the surface of the sand particles, and cooling, crushing, and sieving to obtain coated sand. ‍‍


The trowel is one of the professional construction tools for epoxy flooring. It is divided into toothed knife and toothless knife. The special steel plate is traditionally handmade, with moderate soft hardness, good elasticity and sufficient toughness. It is an indispensable tool for the construction of various epoxy resin floors and self-leveling floors. The specifications include flat heads and teeth. The tooth knife specifications are 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, etc., usually 2mm and 3mm are used in the construction of self-leveling middle coating and top coating. The toothless knife is used for batch primer and middle coat.


Diamond abrasive discs are collectively referred to as diamond water abrasive discs and dry abrasive discs. Diamond water abrasive discs are also known as soft diamond abrasive discs. They are flexible processing tools made of diamond as an abrasive and combined with a composite material. On the joint of the mill, it is used for grinding. It can be used for special processing of stone, ceramics, glass, floor tiles and other materials. It is suitable for stone polishing, line chamfering, curved plates and special-shaped stone processing. Good durability, softness, clarity and gloss.


Therefore, in order to make the epoxy floor more wear-resistant and more practical, consumables for the floor are essential. I hope that today's article will be helpful to you.