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There are scratches on the floor, we have countermeasures

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There are scratches on the floor, we have countermeasures

Feb 7,2020
In the age of intelligence, mobile phones have become an indispensable daily necessity. If there are scratches on the phone, whether it will affect the use or not, just looking at it will be uncomfortable. In the same way, if brush marks appear on the epoxy floor, the original beautiful floor will have defects, which is also a very troublesome problem for the use of epoxy floor.


Finding the reason

1. There was an error in the construction method, the coating time was too long after the coating was evenly mixed, and the thickness of the coating was not properly controlled.

2. The quality of the roller is unqualified, and the surface treatment of the roller is wrong.

3. The leveling property of the coating is poor, and the viscosity of the coating is too high. Thixotropic fillers or additives.


Finding a solution based on the cause

1. If it is a coating with poor leveling, high viscosity, or a composition with high thixotropic fillers or additives. The problem of brush marks can be solved by improving the performance of the coating, increasing the flatness of the coating, reducing the viscosity of the coating, and reducing as much as possible thixotropic fillers and additives.

2. The appearance of brush marks is a mistake in the construction method, the paint is left standing for too long after being stirred, the surface treatment of the drum is wrong, and the coating is too thin. Then pay attention to the construction method during construction; the prepared paint should be used as soon as possible, and the standing time should not be too long; the two ends of the roller should be rounded, and the thickness of the coating should be as small as possible Less than 0.15mm and other methods to solve the problem of brush marks.

Everyone should learn to continuously accumulate experience and skills during construction, so that they will improve their own skills and the quality of the project.