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Ten advantages bring you an understanding of the die floor

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Ten advantages bring you an understanding of the die floor

Oct 8,2018
The stamping floor, also known as the embossed floor, exhibits a multi-colored pattern model and rich and varied colors. It is also wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, anti-slip and integrated. It has many practical uses. .

What are the characteristics of the stamping floor that people can accept for the stamping floor?

Advantages of stamping floor

First, the pattern is rich, can be combined in multiple ways, the effect is realistic, showing personality;

Second, the color is colorful, nostalgic or classical, romantic or modern, three-dimensional emerge;

Third, the on-site stamping floor texture is integrated with the base layer, which solves the problem of easy surface cracking caused by loosening of the surface layer and hollowness that is difficult to overcome in conventional paving;

Fourth, the surface of the stamper floor is flat, retaining the natural stone texture and avoiding the paving problem of natural stone due to uneven thickness;

5. The reinforcing material of the colored embossed floor is a composite material of a specific metal and non-metal aggregate and an excellent polymer according to scientific proportion, and the wear resistance ratio is up to 450% by the authority, and the wear resistance is durable;

6. The solvent-based concrete sealant of the laminated laminate floor has the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, low pollution and easy cleaning;

7. The die floor is made of inorganic colorant and UV-resistant solvent-based concrete sealant. The color is stable. Waterproof and mildewproof, not afraid of chemical corrosion, adapt to drastic changes in temperature, no need for frequent maintenance, if necessary, apply color once. The molten concrete sealant of the stamping floor is bright and new;

8. The concave and convex three-dimensional texture of the stamping floor has good anti-slip property;

Nine, the mold floor is very competitive cost-effective: the price is far below the natural stone, compared with all kinds of road square tiles, the artistic floor is more cost-effective, ordering products, construction cost is lower;

10. The construction technology of the stamping floor is mature, the process is easy to master, the construction period is short, and time and labor are saved.