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Four methods to remove epoxy floor base oil

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Four methods to remove epoxy floor base oil

Aug 14,2018
In order to ensure the quality of the epoxy floor, in the epoxy floor construction, each process must be handled, and the base oil treatment is an important step.

There are many ways to remove the base oil. Today, Xiaobian collects and sorts out various methods and their advantages and disadvantages for your reference!

1.Manual degreasing

The artificial methods for the treatment of the epoxy floor base layer mainly include: grinding the artificial machine, using a wire scraper, a scraper or using a small machine to remove dirt on the surface.

Sandblasting is used for the treatment of the shot blasting machine, or the high-pressure water washing method and the flame method are used to remove the oil stain. The method of manually removing the oil is mostly used for the cleaning of the local oil stain, and the cleaning is relatively thorough.

2. Chemical methods

Common chemical methods are: alkaline degreasing method, using high pH alkali liquor, such as sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, sodium silicate, phosphate, etc., to dissolve and disperse the oil.

The method is a relatively traditional oil removal method, which is convenient to operate, but has low removal efficiency and has a certain influence on the surrounding environment.

3. Surfactant

The use of a surfactant allows the oil to be wetted quickly, penetrated, emulsified, dispersed, etc., and effectively removes oil stains on the base layer.

This method is a relatively safe and economical technical measure, and it will not have any effect on the polishing process of the epoxy floor.

4. Organic solvents

The last one is the more common organic solvent degreasing, high efficiency, suitable for a large area of ​​oily soil, but it is harmful to people and the surrounding environment.

Therefore, it is limited to use in areas with good ventilation. Commonly used cleaning solvents are: kerosene, petroleum solvent, xylene and chlorine-containing solvents.

Summary of the floor project: For the above methods for removing the base oil, the correct selection can be made according to the specific conditions, so that the construction of the epoxy floor can be better.