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What is the hazard of the floor paint coating? How to make up?

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What is the hazard of the floor paint coating? How to make up?

Aug 14,2018
Yesterday, chatting in a WeChat group, a friend said that the floor he had recently made, because he forgot to paint the primer, thought it had no effect, but now the floor has been sanded, powdered, and can not be used. .

Every step of the construction of this floor has the necessity of its existence. There should be no less than one process, otherwise it will seriously affect the quality of the floor. Let’s take a look at what harm will occur when the floor paint is leaked. How can we make up for it?

Floor paint coating leakage damage

1) After the leak coating, defects may occur during the coating, drying or curing of the floor paint, and air or solvent may be concealed inside, causing holes or bubbles on the floor.

2) When the coating is dry, the air or solvent migration will cause pinholes and bubbles, and the lack of coating may cause the surface to be irregular and uneven, so that there are small dots or holes in the coating film.

3) When there is a leak coating, corrosive media such as oil, water, acid, gas, etc. invade the inside of the coating or even the substrate through pinholes or holes, so that the coating loses the shielding effect, causing filiform corrosion and weakening the protective layer around it. .

For the phenomenon of floor paint leakage, if it is not treated in time, the coating will fall off in a short time, and the hardness of the base layer will be damaged when it is serious. As a result, the entire floor will be devastating.

Therefore, we need to find loopholes in time, remedy in time to ensure the quality of painting.

How to repair the leaked coating

When it is checked that there is a leak coating on the coating, the oil-free and oil-free chalk is used to mark the missing coating area. If several leak-coated areas appear on a total area, the entire area is circled. After that, the repaired leak-coating area will be started, and the large-area leak-coating area needs to be repainted, and it is required to meet the construction technical specifications and ground requirements. After the layer to be repaired is fully cured, it is necessary to perform a leak coating inspection again. If the pinholes are dense, it is necessary to remove the coating or liner and recoat to ensure no leaks.

Floor construction is a very important and rigorous work, which is about the practical performance of the floor, so we must choose a reliable and professional construction team like KAIDA during construction.