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How to achieve "preservation" of the floor?

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How to achieve "preservation" of the floor?

Aug 24,2018
As production progresses, the floor surface is more popular than traditional concrete floors. Generally speaking, the floor does not require special maintenance, but daily maintenance and proper use will have better use effect and prolong its service life.

Pay attention to the following points during the daily use of the floor:

First, avoid sharp objects and machine collision

When using, try to avoid excessive heavy tapping on the ground. Do not hit the ground with very heavy or hard objects. Unless necessary, avoid cumbersome and unnecessary wear.

Especially for the epoxy floor, in order to maintain its smooth and meticulous appearance, it is necessary to pay special attention not to have excessive traffic and load, and to avoid scratches when in contact with the ground.

Second, keep the ground clean and tidy by simple cleaning

The surface cleaning of the epoxy floor is very simple and is generally scrubbed with water. If you encounter difficult-to-wash stains, use a cleaning agent, or use an industrial degreaser, descaling agent, etc., and then rinse with water. For relatively stubborn stains, mechanical cleaning can also be used, but do not apply pressure or excessive wear on the ground to affect the smoothness and luster of the ground.

Third, to avoid chemical pollution

Some epoxy floors are mainly used in clean rooms, laboratories, food, electronics, and packaging production workshops. In order to maintain their aesthetics and other good performance, usually do not spill chemicals, especially organic acids, on the ground. After the ground is contaminated, it should be cleaned up immediately with water. For chemicals that are difficult to handle, or when the ground is difficult to remove by dyeing, use a small amount of acetone for quick cleaning. Pay attention to ventilation during this operation.

Daily maintenance can ensure the quality and service life of the floor well. If the floor is used for a long time, it may be considered to re-refurbish the floor paint.