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The epoxy floor has such "four beauty"

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The epoxy floor has such "four beauty"

Oct 24,2018
In the eyes of the floor utility, the most beautiful floor is the epoxy floor. Colorful and colorful colors, seamless and flat surface, multifunctional practical value can meet the needs of the ground in different occasions. Today we will talk about the "beauty" of epoxy floor.

Functional "beauty"
Epoxy floors were originally used for functional floors,
Such as anti-corrosion, anti-static, wear-resistant, non-slip, developed to a general ordinary industrial floor.
Other functions are being tapped more and more,
Moisture-proof, dust-proof, mildew-proof, and chemical resistance are also easy to come by.

Decorative "beauty"
The epoxy floor is bright in color and has a good decorative effect.
Such as epoxy colored sand floor, water-based epoxy floor and so on.
The colors are bright and rich, which can give the floor a variety of color beauty.
Get rid of the dullness of the ordinary ground and decorate the ground and space more beautifully!

Wide field "beauty"
Epoxy floor can be designed according to different application requirements.
1mm-5mm thickness flat coating epoxy floor,
Self-leveling epoxy floor, antistatic epoxy floor, etc.
It is suitable for the ground of various occasions,
Such as: factory buildings, warehouses, parking lots, logistics centers, exhibition halls, hospitals, schools, laboratories, etc.
Its scope of application is very wide.

The beauty of environmental protection and green
The epoxy floor has the characteristics of dust-free, beautiful and environmental protection.
Suitable for the ground with higher environmental requirements,
It also meets people's requirements for quality of life and living environment.
Green, environmental protection and health will be the theme song of the new era epoxy floor.