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NIKE Store Dense Tempered Floor Project

NIKE Store Dense Tempered Floor Project
KAIDA Concrete Seal Curing Floor Project

NIKE Store Dense Tempered Floor

KAIDA Floor was populared with dustproof, wear-resistant, lustrous......

Nike's founder is Bill. Bowerman and Phil. Knight, who founded the Blue Ribbon Sporting Goods Company in 1963, changed its name to Nike in 1972. As a famous brand of global sports goods, Nike has always insisted on the development and innovation of new products, and is favored by many consumers. Now Nike has established chain stores all over the world, and has a unique concept for the decoration of the store floor. The floor of the NIKE chain store uses the tempered floor of the KAIDA floor to add lustre to the store floor.

Nowadays, in order to pursue aesthetics, many shopping malls generally use the grindstone art floor as a decoration; the grindstone art floor brings a gorgeous atmosphere to the mall. With the changes of the times, many specialty stores have chosen a relatively simple decorative style. The concrete floor gradually replaces the expensive grindstone art floor, which has become the heart of the specialty stores and shopping mall owners. Because of the inferiority of cracking and weathering, the general cement floor needs high-quality concrete dense tempering agent to strengthen it and prolong the service life of the concrete floor.

Now NIKE stores have entered the Chinese market for many years. Chain stores have been established throughout China, including Shanghai, Nanjing, Wenzhou, Taicang and other places. Using KAIDA concrete compact tempering agent, through chemical reaction with high-quality C30 Portland cement, Gray wear-resistant aggregates were added at the beginning of the ground construction. The polished floor of the store became unique and presented with a marble-like luster, which improved the overall effect of the store!

Nanjing NIKE store tempered floor project, construction area of ??2100 square meters, construction of KAIDA tempered floor on the ground floor and gray wear-resistant ground. By infiltrating the interior of the concrete surface layer by 5-8mm, it effectively blocks the pores on the floor of the store, and continuously chemical reaction with a complete set of concrete polishing process, making the store floor novel and unique, in line with young people and designers. Aesthetic standards.

Please look! This is the true face of KAIDA tempered floor! Dustproof, wear-resistant, lustrous, beautiful, a lot of, and the reflection on the ground of the store, the reflectivity is greatly improved! With the gray wear-resistant aggregate, this simple style will make the store's floor style even higher! The simple and generous style makes the NIKE store more popular!

KAIDA Dense Tempered Floor Project
KAIDA Dense Tempered Floor Project
KAIDA Dense Tempered Floor Project
KAIDA Dense Tempered Floor Project
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