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Venetian Macao Parking Floor Project

Venetian Macao Parking Floor
KAIDA Concrete Seal Curing Floor Project

Venetian Macao Parking Floor

Dustproof, wear resistant, oil resistant

The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel is often referred to as the Venetian Macao Resort, Venetian, and Wei Kee. The resort is owned and operated by Venetian Macao and is built in accordance with the Venetian Resort Hotel in Las Vegas, USA. The hotel is themed around the Venetian waters, and the hotel is full of Venetian arches, small canals and stone roads. Since the concept of the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel originated from the Venetian Resort Las Vegas, it has been regarded as a replica of the latter. How to choose the parking lot of such a luxury resort hotel?

The general underground parking lot uses an easily damaged epoxy floor. However, the epoxy floor construction process is complicated, and irritating gases are emitted during construction and for a long time after completion, which seriously affects human health. In the case of special weather, because the epoxy floor is relatively easy to slip, in order to avoid accidents such as car collision, the choice of parking lot ground should be cautious.

The Venetian Macao is a super large resort hotel that is very famous internationally and many tourists come here for a holiday. Due to the large number of tourists and the frequent traffic, the hotel owner considered the problem of the parking lot at the beginning of the construction. After discussion with the designer and multi-party verification, the seal solidified floor with long service life was finally selected as the parking lot ground. The ground floor of the 40,000 square meter underground parking lot is constructed with a concrete seal curing agent on a gray wear-resistant foundation.

KAIDA concrete sealing curing agent strengthens the puree concrete floor through chemical reaction, and effectively blocks the pores on the concrete floor surface to achieve dustproof, wear-resistant and oil-resistant effects. Usually only need to use the floor cleaning solution of KAIDA floor system to mop the floor or clear water to maintain, and the parking lot floor can be polished by itself during use, the brighter it is! Such a high-quality parking lot ground, combined with the concept of the Venetian Macao, left a deep impression on the tourists, while saving the cost of the business, killing two birds with one stone!

KAIDA Venetian Macao Parking Floor Project
KAIDA Venetian Macao Parking Floor Project
KAIDA Venetian Macao Parking Floor Project
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