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Suzhou Library Tempered Floor Project

Suzhou Library Tempered Floor Project
KAIDA Concrete Seal Curing Floor Project

Suzhou Library Tempered Floor

KAIDA helps reduce lighting costs by 90% and maintenance refurbishment costs on the library floor

After the completion of Suzhou Phoenix Culture Square, a modern and comprehensive urban cultural complex, the largest international book city in East China, was invested by “Phoenix Publishing Media Group” with an investment of 1.2 billion yuan. As the first billion-dollar group in China's publishing industry, the Phoenix Group, which ranks first among the top 30 national cultural enterprises in the publishing of hair styles, attaches great importance to the decorative design of the library floor. Regarding the materials of the library floor, large enterprises such as the Phoenix Group What kind of choice is there?

As we all know, the library is a place of study. It has the functions of collecting, collecting, and sorting books and materials. It records the development and evolution of history from ancient times to the present, and allows the public to enrich their spiritual world in reading! There are many public libraries all over the country that are free to the public, and they are overcrowded on weekends and holidays. The library ground must consider not only the flow of passengers, but also climate change, other human factors and return on investment. Library ground requirements: sealed dustproof, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, non-slip, fireproof, impact resistant, moisture-proof and easy to clean and maintain.

The indoor floor project of Suzhou Phoenix Culture Plaza has a total construction area of ​​170,000 square meters. It is made of white concrete polishing and wear-resistant technology, of which 1300m2 is gray polished floor. The library floor selects the fast hard cement surface mortar, plus the concrete compact tempering grinding and polishing process. The concrete dense tempering agent imported from the United States effectively blocks the pores by infiltrating the concrete floor 5-8mm, so that it is continuously dense. Chemical reaction. The use of fast hard cement surface mortar shortens the construction period of the library floor and is suitable for construction projects with large areas.

A complete set of construction techniques allows the original ordinary concrete floor to instantly transform into a high-grade library floor. This sealing process effectively prevents the penetration of water, oil and other contaminants. Even if it rains or snows, the water vapor will not penetrate the floor and prolong the service life of the library floor. High gloss and reflectivity are increased by at least 30%. The difference is that KAIDA tempered floor will not be as slippery as traditional marble, and it is easy to clean and maintain. It can be cleaned and maintained only by Dyleburg professional cleaning agent without any renovation, covering and waxing!

The use of the KAIDA tempered floor system can reduce your library's lighting costs by 90% and the maintenance and renovation costs of the library floor. The combination of gray and white makes the entire library floor unique. The lighting of the lights highlights the texture of the library floor. This kind of floor is guaranteed for at least 20 years!

KAIDA Library Tempered Floor Project
KAIDA Library Tempered Floor Project
KAIDA Library Tempered Floor Project
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