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Shanxi Fast Auto Old Ground Renovation Project

Shanxi Fast Auto Old Ground Renovation
KAIDA Concrete Seal Curing Floor Project

Shanxi Fast Auto Old Ground Renovation

Wash with KAIDA Professional Cleaner to give the floor a glamorous shine and long shelf life.

Shanxi Fast Auto Transmission Group Co., Ltd. is China's largest large-scale specialized production enterprise and export base with heavy-duty automobile transmission, automobile gear and its forging and casting products. It owns seven factories in Xi'an, Baoji and Xianyang and 10 Yu Jiakong, a shareholding subsidiary. In the leaping development, Fast has ranked among the top 30 Chinese auto industry, the top 100 Chinese machinery industry, and the top 500 Chinese manufacturing industry. The ground of automobile manufacturing workshops has always been a headache. The old ground renovation needs to be sealed with dustproof, wear-resistant, heavy-duty and high-pressure resistant floor materials. For the renovation of the old ground in the automobile manufacturing workshop, Shaanxi Fast What kind of choice will you make?

Shanxi Fast Auto workshop used PVC and polyurethane flooring in the past, which is not a reasonable choice! The car workshop is a flammable and oily area. The use of PVC flooring and polyurethane flooring has a fire rating of only Class B. Some PVC materials do not even meet such standards, and they are also found in flammable automobile manufacturing plants. The risk factor suddenly rose a lot!

In 2010, two production workshops of Shaanxi Fast Auto Transmission Group used KAIDA concrete seal curing agent to renovate the old ground of PVC and polyurethane floor, with an area of ​​11,000 square meters and 4,000 square meters respectively. Tianjin Kaida Science And Technology Co., Ltd. selected KAIDA concrete seal curing agent with high-quality C30 Portland cement, together with a complete set of construction technology, produced a Dileburg seal curing floor through chemical reaction. As long as you operate properly, you don't have to worry about accidents on the ground in the car workshop. Dileburg seal curing floor has permanent dustproofness, and the machine will not be troubled by dust accumulation. It also has good water repellency, excellent wear resistance, good oil resistance and heavy pressure resistance. , also reached the national A-level fire protection standards!

KAIDA seal curing floor not only has high practical value, but also neat and beautiful. With the illumination of the light, the KAIDA seal cures the floor to become brighter. After using the KAIDA seal curing floor, you will find that the car workshop floor is stronger than ever! Even if the forklift often rubs, it will not affect the floor effect of the workshop! KAIDA seal curing floor construction once, for life! Use KAIDA professional cleaning agent to clean the floor, make the floor charming and long-lasting shelf life, the price is very high!

KAIDA Shanxi Fast Auto Old Ground Renovation Project
KAIDA Shanxi Fast Auto Old Ground Renovation Project
KAIDA Shanxi Fast Auto Old Ground Renovation Project
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